The trailer for the movie looks so damn good!!!!!

It looks like it will have great cinematography with intelligent action. Also, the bear mauling looked genuinely terrifying despite the fact that we only saw 5-10 seconds of it. I heard someone say that the bear attack is going to be 5 minutes long in the movie and many critics were talking about how terrifying it was to watch.

About the cinematography, it looks very great. Emmanuel Lubezki is my favorite movie cinematographer because he has made many outstanding feats. In my opinion, Tree of Life has some of the best cinematography ever (The only movie which I think has better cinematography is 2001: A Space Odyssey). Also, Gravity, Birdman, and The Thin Red Line have outstanding cinematography as well. The trailer had some great scenes of cinematography also and I predict that it may rank with his best works as well.

And finally, I really hope that DiCaprio will finally get a fucking Oscar for Best Actor. He should've gotten many of them in his career and I really wish that he will finally get the recognition that he damn well deserves.

Seriously though, the trailer for this looks so good. If it doesn't convince you that this will be an amazing movie then literally nothing will.

What do you guys think of the movie and do you think that it will be good?