I've heard about The Rake numerous times before on youtube. I know what it's about, I've seen summaries of it in "best of" lists, I've seen fan-made pictures and videos, and I've seen the magnificent short film on it by EnterViral when they actually made good films. However, I actually have never read the actual story of it before until a couple weeks ago. After I read Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv many months ago, and found it to be incredibly overrated, I decided to read this one to see if it deserves its hype or if it is overrated as well.

After I read it, I thought it was good at first, but whatever happy feeling I had at the time quickly got eaten up, and I began to realize how bad it really is.

After I finally sat down to read this a couple weeks ago, I can safely say that I don't know why it's so popular. I'm glad that it hasn't been spammed everywhere around the web like Slenderman has. For this reason, I'm not going to call it super overrated. I feel like its popularity status doesn't sit too high. However, this story is still overrated and it has a few flaws.

My first issue with it is with the logs and supposed journal entries of people who encountered it. Why did the author only expand one of them? I feel like he/she should've expanded the other ones too. The 2006 note? Pretty good. Best note in this story in my opinion. The 1964 note? It's below average, but it shows a little promise. The 1880 and 1691 notes? They are uncreative and too short to leave any impact on me whatsoever.

Also, the pasta said that nearly two dozen notes were found near the beginning. Why didn't the author put them in the story too? Writing "In almost all cases, the stories were identical." to justify the lack of notes is a huge missed opportunity. It's also a lazy way to justify their absence.

Considering that the few paragraphs at the beginning were just buildup which didn't provide much fear to me, I can safely say that I disliked most parts to this story.

In conclusion, this was a bad story. 2 of the notes were okay, but that's really all I can say for this story. Considering how the thing which I liked the most about this story (the 2006 note) was only pretty decent, I can safely say that this is a downright horrible pasta. I'll give it a 2/10, and this is being generous.

You know what? Fuck being generous. I'm going to bump it down to a 1/10. This may seem harsh, but I'm going to give it the rating that I think it sincerely deserves. It's too bad that it can't get deleted due to its "Historical Archive"  category.