I honestly find it hard to enjoy this pasta anymore. It was well-written but it has received way too much attention. Everywhere I go, people always say that it's the greatest creepypastas ever written. If you think it is then that's okay. But many of those people I talk to who say this have never even read another creepypasta other then this one. If you're going to say that this is the best creepypasta ever then first you should look at other classics and big stories then you can say this is the best.

But this pasta has received so much attention that it's annoying. Everywhere I go, someone always obsesses over it. There has been movies, fanart, short films, games, and more made about him. People say that Slender: The 8 Pages is one of the scariest games ever made but it's not. I never understood the appeal of that game. It's basically a short indie game that relies on jumpscares.

So I guess hype has killed this one for me. What I said technically has nothing to do with its quality and the hype hasn't changed the story's content one bit. I'm just sick of this story being shoved down my throat.

What do you guy think of this story? I'm interested to hear your opinions on the subject.