I use to really love reading ritual pastas. I liked seeing the amount of imagination in each of them. Recently, however, I'm starting to get the feeling that the ritual genre is a dead genre and whatever once worked in them doesn't anymore (or at least for me).

My biggest issue with them is that most if not all of them are very pretentious. Here is the definition for pretentious.Every story I see seems to fit the definition entirely. Every time I read one of them, I find it hard to enjoy them at all as this thought is always in my mind. All ritual pastas I've come across try to affect greater knowledge than what they already have.

On top of that, every time when I read one of them, I get the feeling of been there, done it. I never get the feeling like I'm reading something entirely original as most if not all of them reuse the same exact writing techniques. They all talk about what you need to do in order to perform a ritual and then they talk about the consequences that each one brings to you (often, it is death).

By the way, here is a small list of ritual pastas which I think are very bad and should be deleted off this wiki. Think of this as a "M4R" template added to each one of them:

Don't Open Your Eyes


Shadows, Shadows

Anyways, what do you guys think of ritual pastas? Does anyone else feel what I feel about them?