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  • BrianBerta

    These are the movies that I've enjoyed the most. You may dislike some of these films, but keep in mind that this is just my own subjective opinion. Most likely, it will be different than yours.

    20) No Country for Old Men (2007)

    This has brilliant acting, a terrifying villain, and it has unbelievable levels of suspense which I haven't had in any other film I can think of. Also, its ending is brilliant, and it changes how you view the film entirely. The best Coen film to date.

    19) Moon (2009)

    This seems like a simple sci-fi movie at first, but several plot points show that something far more sinister is happening. Also, this movie has the tendency to surprise you with its multiple reveals. This is definitely a film which flew under the radar.


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  • BrianBerta

    Spoiler Warning: This List Will Contain Spoilers.

    I will only post the movie title. I won't say the character from the film who dies. If you see a film you haven't seen yet or are planning to see, skip it and move on to the next spot.

    There have been countless great movie deaths in cinema before. However, which ones are the best? With so many out there, it was very hard to narrow it down to 10, but I think I did so as best as I could. Before you start reading this list, keep in mind that this is just my own subjective opinion. Most likely, you guys will have your own personal opinions. You guys can feel free to post your differing opinions down in the comments, but please respect my opinion. Anyways, time to start the list.

    10) Platoon (1986) …

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  • BrianBerta

    Spoiler Warning: This Page Will Contain Spoilers

    It's always great to see a movie villain go out, and get what he/she deserves. If done right, the villain death can be very good. I've seen many villain deaths in movies, but here are the ones which I find the most memorable. These are in no particular order. You may disagree with some, but remember that this is just my own subjective opinion. You are welcome to list your favorites as well.

    1) Norman Stansfield from Leon: The Professional (1994)

    While Mathilda's father is being paid by DEA agents to stash cocaine inside his house, the DEA agents (led by Norman Stansfield) kill everyone in her family after they realize that he was keeping some to use himself. Mathilda is the only one to survive …

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  • BrianBerta

    The Rake - Review

    March 26, 2016 by BrianBerta

    I've heard about The Rake numerous times before on youtube. I know what it's about, I've seen summaries of it in "best of" lists, I've seen fan-made pictures and videos, and I've seen the magnificent short film on it by EnterViral when they actually made good films. However, I actually have never read the actual story of it before until a couple weeks ago. After I read Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv many months ago, and found it to be incredibly overrated, I decided to read this one to see if it deserves its hype or if it is overrated as well.

    After I read it, I thought it was good at first, but whatever happy feeling I had at the time quickly got eaten up, and I began to realize how bad it really is.

    After I finally sat down to read this a coup…

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  • BrianBerta

    Firstly, let me just say that I really love Leonardo DiCaprio. I've waited a long time to see him get an Oscar, and I think that he should've won several Oscars in the past. However, I don't think that he should've won an Oscar for this film. People should win Oscars because they deserve them. Not just because we love them and think that their Oscar is well-overdue. This internet craze of people who use to complain every time he didn't win an Oscar gets tiring after a while. For the majority of this movie, the main emotion Leo was showing was anguish, and he was also grunting through most of the movie. That's not to say that he did a bad job at doing this. I thought that he did a great job at this. However, at the end of the day, anguish w…

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