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  • Brelooooom

    Long Time

    February 22, 2016 by Brelooooom

    I haven't really looked at my old stories in a long time. Even though I'm extremely happy my "Mortimer" story was able to be published, though I see many problems with it. Right now I'm in the middle of editing my story (And making it longer unfortunately...). That'll be up whenever I feel like finishing it really, for all the 2 people who would really care at all. Hopefully it doesn't get taken down, just in case I'm going to keep a copy of the old version. It will never get any attention and feedback simply based off of how long it is unfortunately, however, hopefully the people in the future will be able to see my best version. This is more of a post for me to keep tabs of when I wrote things, given this was my first story.

    PS. Fuck you …

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  • Brelooooom

    A Start...

    August 10, 2014 by Brelooooom

    I though I might as well write to my future self or future fans (that'll give my future self a laugh) info about the first creepypasta I've written, "Mortimer". It started three days ago. I was telling my friend how I was going to join the "Nanowramo" competition. I said that I was going to start a few months before the competition started, because when I write I usually take forever to finish a sentence because I edit the hell out of it. He got angry at me, so I told him I'd write another story for Nanowramo, but that I needed to get used to writing quickly. So that is what created "Mortimer". Simple enough. I'm proud of myself for creating the story in the matter of three days. If it manages to not get deleted, however, is the real test …

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