• Breenaylor

    Its been about a month now, since i started seeing this thing, i just need to document everything i see, because then maybe someone will read this, and will also know what i am going through. I think its a dream, but im not sure. I wake up every night right around 2 a.m. or so, at first i hear someone mumbling, in like a baby or childs voice, then i look up and i see this thing. Its pale white, It walks on all fours, its arms are real slender, and its leags are thick. It has these long claws, attatched to its fingers. Everytime i attempt to get close to it it growls at me. anf the other night, i couldnt help myself, i looked it right in the eyes, only to fing it was nothing but dark, empty nothingness. I am too afraid to tell my father, b…

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