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  • I live in Bensalem, PA
  • I was born on January 12
  • My occupation is YouTube Partner
  • I am Male
  • Brandon Mollica

    Sorry I have not made any contributions to the Creepypasta wiki for awhile I was busy with planning out a new movie I will be making in the remaining weeks of August. Of course it will be a Creepypasta movie and I wanted to figure out which Creepypasta character would be good enough for the job? I decided to take a second look at the list of major league characters, and by the time I finished reading "Eyeless Jack" one more time I began to ask Eyeless Jack overrated?

    I mean when you read his story a second time around is it really good enough to be up there with Slenderman and Jeff The Killer? Well I honestly do not think so but before one gigantic flame war erupts in the comments allow me to explain my point of view towards thiā€¦

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