To me it is not that scary, like in stories, both well written and otherwise, of blood and gore. Speaking of bluud, the end of funnymouth, contradicts the rest of it, the narrator was messed up the whole time, as it was in 1st person narrative and past tense, but maybe he's unreliable? But I digress. 

        Do any of you think that gore both in pictures and in stories, makes it scary? Or shock images, personally to me the original JEff the killer pasta was fairly poor in quality, but the image is what stuck and scared me, seriously in the story Jeff punches a kid chest and make the armed bully have a heart attack. Also I don't think bleach is flamable...

       Anyway I'd like to hear other people thoughts on the matter of excessive gore and violence without reason in stories, and when it can be used well, and when it should not be used.

I'm doing this to better understand the community as a whole an as a result produce a satisfactory story. I apologise in advance for an spelling errors in the above text.