I told my mom about my depression and she was like "Shit dude sorry" as she also has clinical depression. I talked to some of my friends about depression, and one of them is suicidal and the way her mom reacts to it. By saying that she needs more god in her life, her mom is a really devout Muslim so I should say Allah, and her dad is a Christian, but that's unimportant. My mom faced weird treatment for depression as a kid, such as her mom telling her to buck up, and I really like how she responded like its a problem and not just an illusion on my part. Depression sucks, so does everything else. But I shouldn't kill myself because how else will I get to prove that I'm amazing? I wouldn't. Related but not too much. Movies like Babadook, and such. Depressing, grieving, loss focused movies. What stories have a similar loneliness to them? Stories meaning both creepypastas and books. What are the best "mental illness" creepypastas? Also seriously don't kill yourself, it won't solve the problem, it will make it worse, whatever you're going through you can get through it.