When I was younger... around ten years of age, I had first found creepypasta. Of course I found out about it through slenderman. I believe I was searching wikipedia about phantasm, and found a thing about the villain the tall man. I google searched him and some how lead to the pictures of Slenderman, of course this scared me shitless. But looking back... It's still kind of scary. But I remember from there, I found out about creepypasta. Aaaaand what some people find scary. I guess I'm just a critic. But, I feel like sometimes, the PotM, isn't really that good, or scary. Now I can already tell by looking at the little vote poll that it's going to be "Why Sarah Never Sleeps". I read that story, and I just didn't find it that... good, I liked how it built up, but it just seemed that near the end, it all just fell off. It's like "The house that death forgot", a PotM, about a house, a girl drives up to it, after missing her turn off, and pulls in to stay for the night. She sees something over in the bushes in front of this little Roadhouse (starring Patrick Swayze), and gets out of her car and goes int othe house. Now, the story builds up really well, but, the ending, Spoilers I guess, she runs outside... and into the murderers knife. Then she wakes up with extreme pain. I felt the ending was rushed. Like when you're writting an essay in class, and you see the time is like 10 minutes before the bell, you rush to finish it, and try to tie it all in. But this sudden hurry makes the tying it all together, seem sloppy. Like if these were my shoelaces, I'd untie them, take more time, and double knot them. 

Back to the ending of "Why Sarah Never Sleeps", I liked the idea of it being her fault her parents are now wolves in sheeps clothing. But... what happens then? Does she become one? Does Sarah never sleep again because she's not Sarah? Was the girl Lizzie maybe a previous owner of the house, whom the hallow man tricked and imprisoned there. Was the Hallow Man Lizzie, and used the identity of someone it... ate or took over or whatever, to make Sarah open the door?

I just... I'll end here, I've gone on to long, and it is incredibly drawn out. Peace.