I learned from reading books, such as Slaughterhouse Five, The Lord of the Flies, Fahrenheit 451(my personal favorite), etc, etc. And I learned that they are all written very differently, from horror books such as the Exorcist(which I found to be a bit dry) and Amityville(Which when I first attempted to read it, I got so scared my mom hid the book), that they mostly don't suck. I like to think they gave me an insight inot how to write better, really they just showed me how you can write differently. Creepypasta has always seemed to hinge, to me at least, on being personal, or first person POV, to establish a relationship with the reader quickly as Creepypasta tends to be short. This is a matter of my tastes, but I prefer first person Creepypasta but third person books. Also childhood books, such as those little almost pamphlet picture books, or those weird cardboard books. Looking back on them I don't see why I was so enamored with them, I must have been a stupid kid. Good thing I'm not a kid anymore. A lot of stuff I liked as a kid seems unnerving to me now, as I see things that I hadn't noticed or had "blotted out" in my memory.