Are there stories which have a large amount of absurdity. Like instead of taking a story one hundred percent seriously, it sort of bathes in lunacy but not to the point where it's ridiculous. Such as a story starts not with a cliche "He's trying to get me", but instead a slightly humorous, albeit nonsensical, opening like "A man broke into my house, it's Tuesday again." A story where in a person, or people, live in the world of Creepypasta, with all of it monsters and ghouls, and bizarre characters, and have become very hard to scare, and used to all of it. Humanity would probably exist in small pockets, due to all the OCs running around killing things with remarkably bad grammar, and also the more Lovecraftian monsters forcing everyone to arm themselves. OR they'd just live life as usual with the occasional murder, or break in, waking with body parts missing, or organs gone. I suppose why their is no absurdist stories is because they'd just be humor. What about existentialist stories any of those? Any non-conventional, more experimental stories, any of those?