Who would find the idea of a pasta review to be intriguing?

I do, so yeah.

Jeff the killer. An iconic tale of a kid who becomes... evil and scary I guess. The original story wasn't all thar scary or well written. For one, Bleach isn't flammable. Do the police not preform fingerprint tests? On the knives, and why do kids have guns and knives? Knives is slightly believable, but only like one or two, an entire team of kids with them, is stretching it. But then kids, with, guns? Guns. That's to far. Along with the chest punch, heart explode thing, that Jeffy does to the bully. And also, how it starts out as a newspaper clip then transitions as seemlessly as a whale does from land to a beach, into a story. Also why did he end up killing his brother? He was oh so happy when he was released. Then Jeff is back at home, and he cuts of his lips and eyelids, because... He was ugly? So he made himself more ugly. Also what was the power that made him strong and do those things? I want a story about that. 

Whatever. Please don't hate me for this. I'm sorry everyone.