I give up. Totally. Can't cut the cheese, can I? What is the definition of a creepy pasta? A concept people have pored over twenty thousand times a year? Something I find ridiculously tame? I fail to be scared. I fail to be even stirred. I just think, through every pasta that I read, 'How did this survive deletion?'

Demons: seen it. SO yesterday... Poltergeists: Really? ghosts are still considered scary? Animals: Got a shotgun for that Jeff The Killer: Get out of my face, I have a katana for that one. And how are you not dead already? Beings: Don't exist, so they can't scare me Disappearances: Most likely lost or murder. Returned to reality yet? Diary/Journal: Dear diary....*yawn* photography/music/mirrors: What? that's scary? You've got to be joking... computers: Oh no, the computer i'm typing is possessed! Oh wait, by me. dismemberment: Back to good old fashioned entertainment! Wendigos/cryptids: Cannibalistic killers, or beings that kill. Been there, done that. Killing by entities is so tame and unrealistic. Hell itself: Hell is all of man's evil in a nutshell. Murder summed up. Please don't make it metaphoric, you'll give me a headache. MURDER: This is terrifying. This can happen. Your best friend, your neighbour, hell, your brother. They could be planning your demise right now. And you wouldn't even know it. What makes it terrifying?

- They're human, just like you - They may have been broken once (act of murder) therefore they could easily do it again. - You don't know what you're in for - The most possible occurrence out of all of this - You going to have to go to a boneyard. F*** that.

Insanity is the same- your mind is against you. It betrays you, clouds your judgement. You might as well be dead. = terrifying!

rant done! Goodbye forever, and I hope you all enjoy running over the same dead cat!