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    So, I wanna review some thrilling, famous, and maybe even the underdogs of the Creepypasta wiki, Suggestions are recommended

    OK, so, we should by now already know the awesome story of Jeff, quite good if you ask me, although this one was not scaring me, I don't blame it, I ain't scared of much, if you ask me, but I did in fact jump at the picture of Jeff, just a little.

    What I think is good about this is the good literacy skills it's had put in there.

    Reasons Good?

    Yes, here are some reasons why.

    • The story was original, at least in my eyes.
    • They're is an actual picture of "Jeff" so you get the gist of what he looks like.
    • The story adds up.

    Reasons Bad?

    Sadly, just a few reasons.

    • The story took forever, it got tiring to read after a while
    • The end of the s…

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