Can anyone help me find an idea?

I had a few of them, but I was not careful where I put them and now I can't find any of them. I looked under the bed, in my sock drawer and even in the freezer (don't ask me why, but sometimes I keep them there) and can't find any of them.

So if you find any of my ideas, please send them back to me. I miss them. And if I don't find them I am going to have to end up writting a JtK clone full of cliches that is going to make Skelly cry, ImGonnatoBeThatGuy wish he was someone else, Cleric go even madder, MySteve to disown me, WhyAmIReadingThis to question me, EmpyrealObjective to make up his mind to kill me, and the rest of the wiki to drum me out of town.

So please help!