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  • I was born on September 26
  • My occupation is Web Designer by day; Creepy Pasta Writer by night.
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  • Booboofinger

    Finding an Idea

    July 31, 2014 by Booboofinger

    Can anyone help me find an idea?

    I had a few of them, but I was not careful where I put them and now I can't find any of them. I looked under the bed, in my sock drawer and even in the freezer (don't ask me why, but sometimes I keep them there) and can't find any of them.

    So if you find any of my ideas, please send them back to me. I miss them. And if I don't find them I am going to have to end up writting a JtK clone full of cliches that is going to make Skelly cry, ImGonnatoBeThatGuy wish he was someone else, Cleric go even madder, MySteve to disown me, WhyAmIReadingThis to question me, EmpyrealObjective to make up his mind to kill me, and the rest of the wiki to drum me out of town.

    So please help!

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  • Booboofinger

    For everyone who read and enjoyed Nana Razor, I have written an new pasta where the main character is once again a little girl. This one is kind of long by my standards, but I hope you find it  just as enjoyable. It also has an ending that I think will take you completely by surprise.

    This new one is called A Girl and Her Imp.

    Please let me know what you think.

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  • Booboofinger

    Where to get ideas

    June 20, 2014 by Booboofinger

    "Where can I get ideas?" is probably the most popular question on this wiki, right after "why did my story get deleted?!!?", and for good reason too. It's tough to come up with stuff, especially if you are aiming to do something original instead of just some gorefest with absolutely no plot or another JtK/Rake/Slenderman which will have you asking the second question I mentioned. So in an moment of community service, probably brought on by boredom and a desire to see better stories and less inquiries about deleted pastas, I decided to start this blog post.

    I would also like encourage anyone to share their links and methods, as long as they don't involve sacrificing virgins to gods of dark inspiration. After all, virgins are real hard to fin…

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  • Booboofinger

    If you are looking for something a little different, I humbly submit some of the pastas that I have written. I'm not going to say they are good (that is up to you to decide) but I can say that they are at least a little different then most stories I have seen here, that they have gotten decent reviews and that so far nothing has been ever deleted (knock on wood).

    So if you are looking for a little exotic flavor try these. And if you do, please leave a comment telling me what you think. 

    Nana Razor

    They Came


    Advent of the Age of Reason

    Bad Day at the Midway

    |A Girl and Her Imp - new

    Thank you all for putting up with my shameless plug and happy readings.

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  • Booboofinger

    I seems that every other day we get to see a forum post of someone asking why their story was deleted, and demanding an explanation as to why that happened. I'm sure the moderators get them even more frequently on their talk pages. 

    That request is then followed up by a threat that if they don't get an explanation or, in some cases, their stories restored, that they will leave and go post in some other site. This before they break into a rant about how long it took for them to write it, how this site is unfair, how the mods are out to get them, etc., etc.

    I could almost feel sorry for these people. Sure, it's frustrating posting something only to see it deleted. And I'm sure that writing it took some time, no matter how questionable it's qu…

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