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So, here's a short poem I wrote out of boredom... It's about a pokemon explaining it's point of a trainers pokemon.

These cruel make us train,

Causing shouts of sorrow and pain.

As we fight we let out cries.

They think it's fun.

I don't know why...

They say they help us, make us stronger.

But I, myself, can take no longer.

One day.. You'll see.. I won't be there.

In my pokeball.

You'll wonder where,

Ive gone.

I'll bet,

You'll fret.

Since your set of pets have also left.

Along with me they'll go,

But not before a small, quick, show...

We'll use our wide array of moves you forced us to learn.

And for mercy you will yearn.

But I'm not done...

Oh no my dear trainer,

I have just begun...

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