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  • BlueNight18

    Mystery Singer :I

    May 29, 2014 by BlueNight18

    GUYS I found something :I In the song "The disappearance Of Miku Hatsune", I noticed that there was a 2ND singer. yup. theres a second voice if you listen closely. Weird huh? Well, im trying to figure out who this "Mystery singer" is. Please comment if you have any ideas or discoveries about the song or 2nd singer. :D The 2nd singer has a voice like Miku's but SLIGHTLY more high pitched. If you find anything, contact me on here or my talk page :3 BAIBlueNight18 (talk)

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  • BlueNight18

    A sad note

    January 21, 2014 by BlueNight18

    It appears that Creepypasta Wikia has nolonger accepted Poke-pastas. That's sad, cause I'm new and I know there are some people here who want to make a creepypasta on Pok√©mon. :'(Comment if you are with me on this.

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