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  • I was born on October 31
  • My occupation is Author
  • I am Female
  • BloodyAngel134

    hello creepers and creepetts this is Bloody angle here. i want to start off by saying that i will be making this one a special creepy pasta of the week and crappy pasta of the week. the reason being is that i will not be online blogging for the next week. i will be working on my books. if i am on this site it wil not be for blogging but acually looking up more creepy pastas and crappy pastas of the week. oh and one more thing. some of them i will be typing from my playstation so they might have a few spelling errors and they might be short. i don't know. but either way i will be trying to do it. also thank you to all the peole who acually read my last blog. i want your cridisizm and sorry for the spelling errors. than  you again and lets b…

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  • BloodyAngel134

    this is my 2nd creepy pasta chat.  the first one was to introduse my first creepy pasta blog. i know this should be a creepy pasta buti don't like to make creepypastas becasue they come out funny. mine come out so gory that it makes you sick. but the next segment i will make a special view. it will be a creepy pasta delux. it will be a double feture. i do any type of creepypasta that you all are willing to give me because i have read alot of the. please subscribe to me on google or youtube. i would love some followers. thank you also my first one got messed up so this is going to acually be #s 1 and 2  (Also to clerify these are all my oppinions and i have a right to these oppinions. i do not like when ppl yell at me but if you have a comm…

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