Blood keeper

aka Derek

  • I live in On the sixth floor
  • I was born on October 19
  • My occupation is Keeping blood
  • I am Male
  • Blood keeper

    What is so scary about him?It's just a tree with a white plastic bag on it.And a suit and a tie don't make him scarier.And mabe there was a psychotic freak that impaled those nazis on tree branches.

    Have you everplayed Octodad?Did je just glue a paper sheet on is face, cut his ink sack and covered himsefl in flour while he was going to a fancy party?

    Please don't hate and don't srgue in the comments.

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  • Blood keeper

    When I first read Jeff the killer i got relly scared,but over time i saw it was just twisted crap.First:

    1.Bleach makes your skin RED, not WHITE and just for a short period of time.

    2.You can't burn your EYELIDS of because... freakin' flesh.

    3.Even if you could, you would get major eye damage and be blind.

    4.Jeff's grin was a metod of torture named The Glasgow smile and people died because...blood loss.

    5.How did he get rid of his nose?

    6.Burns make your skin red/brown/black not white.

    7.Your hair doesn't stay on your head after you burn it.

    Verdict:Flour+bald idiot+black hair+jam=Jeff the killer 

    Now about Slenderman:

    1.Suit and necktie? Realy?

    2. How can he breath without a mouth or a nose and see without eyes?




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