Scary stuff is interesting, and yet I have this imagination, and I freak myself out to where I get paranoid when it gets dark outside, but I still find scary stuff interesting. I have this imaginary friend I had when I was around seven that would freak me out if I see him outside at night. He used to be a disembodied hand, too. Not the one from the Adamm's Family; a white transparent one. I imagined it at night when I was seven. Lucky me.

There is also this dream I had when I was in high school. I lived in a three story house the, and this dead guy was going from the front door towards the stairs. He never went back to the front door, just from the front door tho the stairs. You would put a cupboard right at that spot, right under the stairs and in front of the door, but there wasn't one. The dead guy was all twitcy while he was doing this. And, of course, in the formal living room to the right of where the dead guy was "coming in", there were these people trying to find out how to get rid of the dead guy. And they never did, because the dead guy found a way to get to the third floor and into my room. It bloody well attacked me in my sleep. Tis was a dream, dear children, and I woke up from it. Scared the hell out of me, too.