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What's up?

I've like, been completely unplugged from Wikia for at least over a year. Particularly this wiki. What's new since, I dunno, early 2013? I see the chat's gone, as Special:Chat says it isn't a valid special page anymore. What's up with that?

Also, anyone remember that Cheese Lord guy? Apparently he made a grand exit from the community in 2013, but did he like, MURDER someone?

Because he said in his message to Cleric: "[...]and let's just say I've also done some things I'm not very proud of myself. It's not like anyone would find out, though. I have a toolshed anyway. I bet you know what this means, I presume? It's not something I'm proud of."

Oh dear God, dat toolshed though, do I even want to know? O_o No, screw that cliche crap, I MUST know. He killed someone and stuffed the body in his shed, didn't he!?

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