Can you not SEE? The government pays the media to tell YOU only what THEY want YOU to KNOW. They are making you SHEEPLE, feeding you LIES that work like melatonin, making you SLEEP and SLUMBER! Wake UP, you SHEEPLE! also ILLUMINATI!!!1!111!1!one!11!1one!eleven11!1
I'm so sick of these propaganda-spewing morons. They make me want to put a gun to my mouth. Why can't the nice men in the white coats come and round all of these lunatics up with their big nets? Give them a nice room in the Funny Farm all to themselves to talk amongst one another about how Obama is a murderer and the Illuminati is out to get you. They also seem to always use words like "sheep" "wake up" "asleep" and randomly-placed ALL-CAPS, probably to provoke fear/anger. Which only makes it all the more retarded.

Screw them all.

Alright. Anyhow, the sole purpose of this post is for me to whine and rant about morons who aren't worth my time or energy.

So what do you think?