This blog post brings up a view point that conflicts with the viewpoint of the rest of society. If you are the rest of society, then you have been warned.

This is something that baffles me to no end.

Why is adult content so taboo when it comes to kids being exposed to it? Everyone goes crazy about it and I don't get it. Scary things I can get, it might scare the kid, but sexual/other adult crap? They will likely either not understand it, or understand it and not care (unless they're a stereotypical hormone-ridden preteen, in which case they will be all like "z0mg datz s0 wr0ng xDDDDDDDD"). Even if they get curious and ask about it, will it kill them for you to just explain it?

That also brings me to everyone thinking kids will imitate everything they see on TV. A racecar stunt gone wrong? "Z0MG THE KID MUST BE PLANIN TO IMITATE IT!!!!!!1111one!oneone11!eleven" Perhaps a lot of children are dumb, but they aren't that dumb.

tl;dr version: everyone is stupid.