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  • BlittleMcNilsen

    I was looking through my old pastas, and noticed that they now have a shit ton of comments/reviews. I don't recall this being the case the last time I looked at them. I actually like this, but I must ask: when did this happen? o_O Well, apparently it was late 2013 or so, because that's when the oldest comments were. But I mean, why the sudden recognition? Keep in mind that I haven't been following the happenings on this wiki at all the past couple of years, so I can only guess. Some kind of new system to get more obscure pastas more attention? I really don't know. I even saw one guy/gal call my 1dollar.wav story a "popular fan pick". Okay... wait, WHAT!? 0.0 Holy fucking shitballs, since when!?

    However, I noticed that all of these semi-popula…

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  • BlittleMcNilsen

    What's up?

    April 28, 2015 by BlittleMcNilsen

    I've like, been completely unplugged from Wikia for at least over a year. Particularly this wiki. What's new since, I dunno, early 2013? I see the chat's gone, as Special:Chat says it isn't a valid special page anymore. What's up with that?

    Also, anyone remember that Cheese Lord guy? Apparently he made a grand exit from the community in 2013, but did he like, MURDER someone?

    Because he said in his message to Cleric: "[...]and let's just say I've also done some things I'm not very proud of myself. It's not like anyone would find out, though. I have a toolshed anyway. I bet you know what this means, I presume? It's not something I'm proud of."

    Oh dear God, dat toolshed though, do I even want to know? O_o No, screw that cliche crap, I MUST know. …

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  • BlittleMcNilsen

    If you're into astronomy, space, that sorta thing, AND you frequent YouTube, more likely than not you sometimes watch videos about it. If that's the case, then I'm sure you've noticed that there's always a completely unrelated and pointless religious argument on EVERY. BLOODY. VIDEO.

    Truth is, there's no concrete proof either way whether a divine creator made the universe or if debris from a gigantic explosion coincidentally, over time, formed together to make it all. Pick whichever one sounds more plausible to you and GTFO. Stop trying to impose your beliefs on others, when the video wasn't even remotely related to your personal religion in the first place. It's about SPACE, not who or what created it.

    Kids these days.

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  • BlittleMcNilsen

    Can you not SEE? The government pays the media to tell YOU only what THEY want YOU to KNOW. They are making you SHEEPLE, feeding you LIES that work like melatonin, making you SLEEP and SLUMBER! Wake UP, you SHEEPLE! also ILLUMINATI!!!1!111!1!one!11!1one!eleven11!1
    I'm so sick of these propaganda-spewing morons. They make me want to put a gun to my mouth. Why can't the nice men in the white coats come and round all of these lunatics up with their big nets? Give them a nice room in the Funny Farm all to themselves to talk amongst one another about how Obama is a murderer and the Illuminati is out to get you. They also seem to always use words like "sheep" "wake up" "asleep" and randomly-placed ALL-CAPS, probably to provoke fear/anger. …

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  • BlittleMcNilsen

    This blog post brings up a view point that conflicts with the viewpoint of the rest of society. If you are the rest of society, then you have been warned.

    This is something that baffles me to no end.

    Why is adult content so taboo when it comes to kids being exposed to it? Everyone goes crazy about it and I don't get it. Scary things I can get, it might scare the kid, but sexual/other adult crap? They will likely either not understand it, or understand it and not care (unless they're a stereotypical hormone-ridden preteen, in which case they will be all like "z0mg datz s0 wr0ng xDDDDDDDD"). Even if they get curious and ask about it, will it kill them for you to just explain it?

    That also brings me to everyone thinking kids will imitate everyth…

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