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    • One story per author.

    • Each story in my top 10 must have been written with the intent of being published on the internet first. This is to keep the list from getting filled with the true classics posted on The Creepypasta Wiki, like Frankenstein, or The Call of Cthulhu.

    • Each entry in my bottom 10 list must be a story that nobody has called out before, except in the story’s own comment section. No stories that have been read on Bad Creepypasta or Bullshit Creepypasta Storytime, and no stories that appeared on other people’s lists of least favorites.

    Also, I am going to give much more detailed explanations for my least favorites than my favorites. While it’s easier to explain what makes a bad story bad than what makes a good story good, lazines…

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  • Blarble Blornets

    Cleeshay:  N:  A plot device, idea, literary concept, or any thing within a work of art that people misidentify as a cliche.  I personally made the word up, because I think there HAS to be a word for fake cliches.

    Cleeshays are things that occur in stories, and get accidentally called cliché.  Some are good, some bad, but it’s almost impossible to write a story without having one thing happen in it that also happened in another story.  Most of the things that become cleeshays are actually either tropes or technical limitations of the medium in which the work is made.

    Clichés are things that lazy authors do instead of doing something original, because doing something original means you don’t get to let all the authors who came before do your wr…

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