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My first blog .... Yay

Bladecat February 27, 2015 User blog:Bladecat

My first never through I would be doing this. So first of all I wanted to ask for any good CREEPYPASTA'S. I've read the main pastas like jeff and slender but I want new ones that have slight gore and stuff so yeah. Need just a bit of help. Ok so blog..... Well I. Bladecat... I like to draw and read . I'm a girl and I love sports. I'm normally bullied by people who just think it's haleriouse and think there better then you. They need a visit from slender if I say so. Bully's. Why bully when you get bullied yourself. I get angry a lot because being bullied at 5 diffrent schools and moving heaps inst fun. Having your dad hate you and a step dad that treats you like his own daughter makes you think. What is going on? But that's life. Another thing on me .... I HATE SPIDERS!! They creep me out with there eight hairy legs and beedy eyes. Ugh . No to creepy for me.

Well I hope you liked my first blog. If I spelt thing wrong. I'm sorry 4 schools tought me no spelling so yeah .... Fun but tell me in the comments if you enjoyed this.


Blade out ~~

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