Hey Everyone,

I know just as you do, many of us have our own personal experiences with the paranormal world.  I know I do.. many in fact.  I still have yet to really write about them but I just might pretty soon.  Thinking about the right one.  Just a few from my life:

1. Seeing the ghost of the former owner of "The Express New" when I worked as a security Gaurd in my early 20's.  (Crazy, crazy haunted place!! - The Express news building in downtown San Antonio).

2. Encoutering a demonic prescense in my Wife's (then girlfriend) apartment.  We exorscised it and didn't have problems after that.

3. knowing somebody who was actually possed by a demon in school. (They missed over 1 month of school).  An exorscism was performed by a Catholic Priest.  They went on to become a singer (won't say who.. just that it was a female).

4. Owning a haunted dvd.  The title is "Scary Shit".  It's just a collection of clips from around the internet of paranormal events caught on tape.  Similar to V/H/S.  It shows actual footage from an actual vidoetaped session of Famous Demonologists "The Warrens".  It was given to me by a former employee back in '06.  He had it for a few nights and said his wife wanted it out of the house.  After they viewed it, strange things began to happen.  As they did too in my household.  He said it had been passed on by several people.  Nobody had kept it for very long before getting rid of it.  I've allowed others to borrow it and they always gave it back spooked.  I still have it but wont play sometimes.

5. Dealing with a demon at a night club (my Wife did actually)  goes along with the above # 2.

6. Crazy tarot card sessions ( I read tarot).

There are several others but....

I want to hear from you my Creepypasta tribe.  Not an entire pasta but sum it up.  Maybe it will inspire you to write something great!  That's my hope in doing this... inspiration.

Ok, 3..2..1.. Go!