What's Happening My Creeps?

The f^*%ing rabbit has done died.  I, blacknumber1 have been self-diagnosed with a case of writer's block.

So, I sat in front of my laptop for an hour last night trying to come up with a story.  I kept backspacing into freakin' oblivion until there was just the first line of a story.  "The road to hell is paved with Good-ish intentions".  What's funny is that I constantly have ideas that pop into my head at the most random of times when I can't jot them down.  Then, I end up forgetting them altogether.  I want to write a demon story but my Hellbound Heart rip-off would be one of the many demonic stories on my beloved wikia.  What the world needs is something new.  Something unique.  I accomplished this with Pasta Noir: Dames,Slugs and the Hatchetman.  Which I might add is a brilliant piece of work.  Hey, if you don't love your own work, then you shouldn't be writing ( a lesson to all you newbie writers on the wikia). 

So, I will search my soul for the right subject and story to write about.  Pasta Noir was very personal as the two main characters were both me at different times in my life.  The younger character of Michael Rodriguez was me before death took somebody I Iove and Chris Priest (the older main character) was me afterward.  I have to admit, I have been pretty scatter-brained lately.  With the attention span of a puppy.  But enough of that boner-killer!

Banning, Humboldt, Shawn and Empry write great demon and supernatual stories in general.  I consider them among the best on the wikia.  We need a new "Slimebeast", a new catergory like he has.  Why can't a few of the best writers have their own category?  This should be a contest ladies and germs.  I propose that our admins put thier noggins together and sort out the details.  I'd host it but I'm not an admin.  Just speaking my 3 cents.

So Hellians, until we meet again in this great void, rock out with your c*&ks out, don't be another brick in the wall and to the blank page, a toast.  I love you all and dont' cry for me Argentina (as this is only a temporary case of writers block). 

I'm out! (mic drops).