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The Number of Darkness: New Pasta by HumboldtLycanthrope with ME as a Character

Hey Creeps,

It's me again, Blacknumber1. I come to you today with exciting news. My buddy HumboldtLycantrope has written a story with my likeness (and creepypasta penname and real name) as one of the main characters. I play a priest/exscorsist in the mid-1800s. It's a journal entry/demon pasta written for Banning's Demon pasta contest. Man, it is a Masterpiece!!

Now, why he is not getting paid millions like Stephen King is beyond me. One of the most talented writers here I must say. I know many of you will agree as his work is very well known around the world. Please give it a read, you will not regret it.

Thank you Matthew for doing this. It's been a bad few months for me and this really cheered me up Brother. You are the best. After this I wonder if I should be known as The Blacknumber or NumberofDarkness.

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