Ok everybody.

As we all know, this First Ever Creepypasta Freestyle Challenge has become pretty huge!  None of us anticipated this kind of awesome response!  It's a good thing! 

However, there are some issues surrounding the finals and how it should play out... since we didn't realize there would be so many amazing entries that would make it to the fianls.

So, post your ideas below and we'll take a vote.  Your ideas and suggestions are important as we want this to be successful.  I'd like to do this twice a year.  Every February and August.  Hopefully the next one will go well.  To vote on an idea, use the Support, Neutral and Oppose templates in replies to its comment.

Again, we are still figuring this out as we go as it has never been done before.   There are always kinks to work out at the start of any endeavor.


Ok... sock it to me!