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Hey Creeps,

Blacknumber1 here again.  Growing up with a cripling fear of needles, I decided years ago to face my fear and get a tattoo.  Well, after the first one I was hooked!   I now have 15.  Our ink tells a story in our lives wether it is good, bad, fun, terrible or just an "ok, what the hell" moment.  Perhaps you have a very special peice.  Or a very unique peice, or a slenderman peice...LOL.  I'm willing to bet at least 60% of the users here have ink as well.  So, if you're bold enough, post a pic of your ink in the comments below.  Here's one of mine.

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St. Evangeline (my Daughter who passed away 3 years ago). The idea was taken from St. Michael the Archangel.

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