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Panel of Judges Needed for Pasta Freestyle Challenge

***Note:  This is NOT the official entry page!  If you want to enter the challenge, go to the official page in the blog post "1st EVER CREEPYPASTA FREESTYLE CHALLENGE - Oficial Page"

Hello Creeps!

I'm actually going to do it.  I'm going to start a Pasta Freestyle Challenge.  I need a few judges for the panel. 

1. Anyone participating in the challenge must type "I'm in" in the official blog comments.

2. They will be assigned a random subject.  They have 24 hours to create an origional pasta about that subject.  It cannot be an existing pasta.  It must be between 300 - 2000 words long.  No NSFW sex subject matter allowed.  Any pasta containing this will be deleted.  Swearing is ok..Anything else is ok.

3. Submitted pastas will be judged by a panel member on a scale of 10/10.  Anyone with a rating of 6 or higher on the scale will be in the finals on February 16th.   The finalists will then be given 2 random subjects to write about in 1 pasta.  Deadline will be Sunday, February 22nd.  The panel will judge the finalists on a 5/5 scale.

4. Panel and I will communicate with each other on the finals winner. 

5. I realize we all have our own lives to live, jobs to work, family to hang with so, this is why I wish to have a panel of judges.  As a panel member, you will have the authority to judge a pasta alone (first round) or delete pastas containing NSFW content.... AND... TO CHOOSE A SUBJECT FOR A CONTESTANT!!!

6.  I would prefer at least 1 admin on the panel.

Blacknumber1 (talk) 17:12, February 3, 2015 (UTC)

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