Hey Creeps,

Your fav badass blogger joining you again.  Been busy livin that Vid Loca & rockin the Kasbah.  I've missed you my tribe.  Im gonna throw something out there for you wolves to knaw on.

As you know I wrote Pasta Noir: Dames, Slugs and the Hatchetman.  I wanted to write something part Sin City, part Seven.  In doing so, I was dubbed Father of Noir Pasta by our beloved Humbolt.  The guy even wrote me as a character in his soon to be Pasta of the month The Number of Darkness.  

I want to see more Noir Pastas!  Show me what you can do!  Its a fun genre.  I won't call it a contest since I created the first one with my Freestyle contest.  Ya just cannot recreate that magic again!  But seriously, write some beautiful Noir pastas for our enjoyment.  Post the links to your story in the comments below.  The father of noir pasta gives you permission.