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Music Pasta Challenge

Greetings Tribe.

This is a challenge (not a contest).

We are all fans of music. If you know music like some of us older writers (old for creepypasta that is), then you will have heard rumors of songs and musicians. Some supernatural, some just bizarre. For example, the Rumor about Led Zepplin's guitarist Jimmy Page being a Satanist or if you play Stairway to Heavan backwards, you can hear a satanic message. Then there is the one about Rod Stewart (Google it if you don't know). Even one about the 27 club in which the strange coincidence that Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Curt Cobain and Amy Winehouse all geniuses, died at the age of 27. (I have my own hairbrained theory about that). Or perhaps you've heard of "Gloomy Sunday". Then there is the infamous rumor about blues legend, Robert Johnson and the deal he made with the devil at the Crossroads. Horror can be found in every aspect of life, as we all know.

My challenge:

Create a pasta pertaining to the music industry..

Feel free to write something on the ideas mentioned above as I think they would make awesome pastas! It can be any length and from any time and genre.

Ok, 3,2,1.... Write!

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