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Hello From an Old Friend

Hey everyone. Blacknumber1 here. Well damn, whats going on around here? Been awhile since ive really posted anything. Last story was like in Feb. Or March. I check in once in awhile to see whats new. A few new members here and there. Overall though, it seems like some of us (origional creeps) are moving on. Our once beloved site seems to have possibly lost some of it's luster. Contests are being done to death since the Freestyle Challenge. It's good to see some of my old friends still posting great stuff.

I think we need a new idea. Something to jumpstart and generate excitement again. I for one am definafely game.

So, let's brainstorm!!!   Hit me with some ideas. Lets make the Gods notice us again!!  I want the same energy we had for the Freestyle Contest!!  If anyone can do it, we can!

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