Hello everyone.

Yes, this is my first blog... ever.  Some of the stories you will read from me are true.  They have been taken from my life experiences.  Others, are not true.  Just ask me which ones.  I like to write about the supernatural.  I have seen so much in real life, I could write a book.  My favoraite subjects are urban legends and vengeful spirits.  I do write other subject matter from time to time.

With me though, it's hit or miss.  I can write a perfect pasta one time and write not so perfect the next two times.  A lot of my work gets deleted on here....A LOT!  A few of my pasta's have been narrated so, I'm pretty excited about that.  I'd love to see or rather hear more of them narrated in the future.  For those of you who do and will, I can't thank you enough.

Thats it for now.  I just may add blogs from time to time.  If you have any requests, let me know.