Hey guys,

I know I've been somewhat in active on the wiki. Life's been a mother fucker lately. I got laid off from my job (no luck in landing one yet but I'm working on it), been battling depression, last week was the 3 year anniversary of my youngest Daughter, Evangeline Grace's death.

Between the extra hours I'm picking up at my part time job and applying for full time work and trying to spend what little time I have with my family, I have no real time to write here lately. I really, really miss writing. I have so many ideas always floating around in my noggin, I hope once things settle down, I can write something. I will save my current project "The Bitch is Back" for another time. I do miss you guys. I do check in from time to time. Humboldt... you crazy fuck... with that tattoo. How awesome is that?!? Hope to immerse myself back into this creepy world as soon as possible. Till then, catch you on the flip side..