Hey Creeps, 

Been awhile I know.  Some of you know me well, some of you newbies don't.  That's ok, we can't all be badassess.  For those of you who know me, "Hey, just poppin' my head in, saying what's up".  For those of you who do not know me yet, I created the first huge contest here on the wikia.  Blacknumber1's Freestyle Contest.  Since then, contests have been appearing left and right.  So much so, that the mods had to put limitations on them.  You just cannot re-create that same magic that the first one had.  Even if I did it again.  It's lost it's luster so-to-speak.  Our God, ClericofMadness also featured 5 of my pastas in the 3rd volume of "We Go Bump".

I've changed careers (temporarily).  I'm no longer a loss prevention detective or Director of Security.  I'm actually a substitute teacher (for now, it pays the bills - barely).  I still teach close quarters combat and martial arts.  I will do that until I no longer can.  Also just celebrated my 40th birthday (I also founded the Creepypasta Wikia Old Farts Club).

I've neglected my duties as a creepypasta wikia writer, blogger, son of a bitch and all around badass here for awhile now... hehe.  The only real activity as of the last few months has been posting a story, 

"Sisters of Mayhem"

Newbies, feel free to check out my other stories on my profile page and welcome to the family.  To all my friends and aquaintances, Humbolt, Jay, Banning, Shawn, Raidra, Empry, miss you guys and gal.  I'm still here, I'm still kickin'.

Smell ya' later.