Hello My Creeps,

You know me, you love me. Your favorite blogger checking in.

So, topic at hand: Are we the writers on the creepypasta wiki the next big source of horror writing for t.v. and film? It would seem that as of late, Sci fi channel is producing a show called Channel Zero based on Creepypasta. As well as the master Clive Barker is producing a web series based on creepypasta.

This tells us that a few people in Hollywierd are finally paying attention. We are an endless pool.of talented writers that know what truly scares people. It was only a matter of time before someone got the idea of tapping into this source, where they would find a near endless supply of horror. Since there are few original ideas left in Hollywierd, we are the perfect source. But will our ideas be used outright or plagiarized? Can we receive money for the use of our origional stories? In a few years, creepypasta will be all the rage in film and t.v. Just watch. Now, let's just hope some of them read and choose some of the true masterpieces on here. Your thoughts?