Hello Creeps,

It's me again, Blacknumber1.   Father of Noir Pasta, the Creepypasta Freestyle Challenge and now founder of the Old Farts Club here on the wikia.

Yesterday, we got a nice response and have some new members added to the Creepypasta.wikia Old Farts Club (created yesterday) as per my blog post here The 30+ club.

New question.  There is something I've pondered since I've been a part of this Creepypasta universe...

Are there any celebrity fans and users on Creepypasta.wikia.?  There is bound to be a few on here.  It would be cool to know if celebs you would never expect to be pasta fans actually were.  My guess is that there has to be at least one user.  If there is, I DON'T expect them to be outed.   I understand the need to remaing anonymous. It would be cool to know if there were a few here though.  Or at the very least, celeb fans of creepypasta could be outed.

So, if any one of you knows something... if you can confirm yes (You don't have to out them), that would be pretty boss!

*Again, you don't have to name celeb users.  You can name confirmed celeb fans though.