I sit here at my desk, scrolling through the activity feed, listening to my favorite 80's metal. I see a thing of absolute fucking beauty.... efforts at Origional Content. When I first arrived on the scene around two years ago, wet-behind-the-ears to the pasta world so to speak, I saw so many spin-off pastas, butchering the King's English, lame attempts at carrying on the torch of more well-known pastas.  Like great films, some pasta's you just don't fuck with.  Just as I cannot see a remake of "Cool Hand Luke" or "Cassablanca", I cannot see screwing up the greats of our little universe.

Jeff and Slender were all the rage, Masky and the Rake ruled the black, white-worded void we have all come to know and love. It would seem that like all things, all great pastas have their brilliant moment in the sun, then shimmers away into the blackness of yesterday. I find it refreshing to read so many great new stories from new and "Experienced" members of my tribe.

I see pasta's that have the potential to be the next "Jeff the killer" or "Russian Sleep Experiment". In realizing this I ponder the question... "What does the future of the Creepypasta world have in store? Wether or not this site will be accessible in 30 years, I don't know. I hope this site will carry on as a beautiful little treasure, a family heirloom that will be maintained throughout the generations by those who value great art.

I believe in creativity. It's up to us really to see that this beatiful website thrives throughout the years. We must be the ones that contribute Origional Content.and see to it that every few years, that group of "Classic Pastas" is added to. It would be pretty awesome to come back in 20, 30, 40 years and find all your old stories still up.... with 400+ comments.

My hope is that everyone evolve with the times and learn to love the new "Jeffs" & "Slendys". We can only hold on to the past for so long. I know that certain pastas will always hold a special place in my heart (especially my own!) but just as rock n roll had a new badboy every generation (Elvis, Jim Morrison, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Manson), so will Creepypasta have it's "Big Bad" for each generation.  I tremble at the possiblilties.  So exciting!