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"Sisters of Mayhem" story half complete in the Writer's Workshop. Feedback anyone? Regardless if you're familiar with my work or not.. Thanks!

Hey Creeps,

Black here again.  I'm halfway done with my latest story in the writers workshop.  If you are familiar with my work, you know that I dont' write all the time but when I do, I prefer Dos equis.... Just kiddng.  Couldn't resist.  So, I'd like some feedback.  Mind you, no it's not complete.  I'd like to have some opinions on what I have so far.  I know where I want to take this and how I want to end it. 

With work lately, I'm lucky to have time to write one night a week so this is taking a bit longer to pen out.  But I should have some time this weekend.

I await your thoughts everyone.  Thanks.  Link Below:

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