okay so i had already made a creepy pasta wiki account but i had forgotten the log-in info so i made another one. also i tried to make a creepy pasta but i'm not quite sure what happened to that i wrote it and everything but it didn't submit or whatever. anyway i just now found the blog page and started this blog. i'm still new to this website . so anyway i wanted to make a creepy pasta on eyeless jack. it's going to be more like an origin story i'm not sure if someone did already but i'm going to try anyway. so basically its going to be why he turned into a cannibal and such but i don't know much about him. all i did was read one of his creepy pastas. i'm also not going to do the whole tentacles for a face thing he is going to be a human. you know? anyway i don't get access to internet hardly at all. also school is coming up in a week or so...i'm excited because i'm thirteen and have never been. also some of the creepy pastas i put on here are going to based off of experiences and such. well see you guys next time i post something XDDD.