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  • BlackBow

    Am I the only one who sees the similarites between them?

    The laughingstock~bubbie

    Janice~ flapjack (he is often seen as girly)

    Pirate percy ~Knuckles (cowardly adventurer/pirate)

    Horrible Horace~ 8 armed Willy

    Plus the theme was piratey. And the feel was very creepy like Candle Cove was described.

    Heres an episode of FlapJack if you never seen it:

    flapjack episode

    When I read Candle Cove I thought of Flapjack through out it.

    I also wanted to add...

    If you watching the screaming episode the dancing pirate looks a lot like Flapjack...

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  • BlackBow

    I haven't found any GOOD pastas lately. So I'm wondering if you have any suggested reads for me. Don't give me any from the suggested reads though as I have already read them all. I want ones that you like and may not be too popular. My fav are realitys, science, and ritiuals. Thank ya :]

    BTW I don't want any one to look for pastas for me, i'm not too lazy to do it my self. I'm just wondering if you already know of any good ones that I probaly haven't heard of :]

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  • BlackBow

    I just read a creeoy pasta. I'm sure you heard of it. Anyways I listened to lavender town twice and now my head hurts like freak. I listened to it before I read the creepy pasta and i didn't get a headache. So it must be a placebo. And yes I am under 18 :]

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