OK, so I have to document this.

I was in /x/ on the imageboard 4chan and someone posted a link leading to a /adv/ thread. I clicked it and what I read was disturbing. Some guy claiming to be 21, black and 6'6" was stalking a 13/14 year old girl.

If you go to screencapped pasta you can see almost the whole thread(minus a few posts at the end) its labeled X the creep.

So, the anons and I began searching for either him or the girl.

I found the girl and warned her of what was going on.

Later I called the police and they are currently looking into it.

The police called me back for all the information and said they might have an address on this guy.

The girl got back to me so I now know for sure that she is ok.

I think that finally I can rest.