Since I did a list of the worst pastas, here's the best :D.

10. Funnymouth- it had a pretty good plot, but since the character traits of the main characters are left out, it's somewhat lacking.

9. Normal porn for normal people- It has a great, complete plot, but the ending wasn't the best.

8. Pokemon creepy black- I don't like many pokepastas, but this one is actually pretty realistic.

7. Bootlegs- you may not know this one, but it has a great atmosphere, nice shock, and realistic plot.

6. Candle cove- It's excellently written, has a good shock level, and great detail.

5. Abandoned by Disney- great plot, a dark atmosphere, nice detail, everything you would want from a pasta.

4. Great plot, good atmosphere for describing a game, and is obviously a well written pasta.

3. Bedtime- it might be long, but it's also extremely scary.

2. Laughing Jack- great detail, and a real feeling imaginary friend.

1. 1999- Everything listed above is perfect, also great characters.