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Honorabe/ Unhonorable mentions for my top 10 lists

Well, I've made some honorable mentions for the two top 10 lists I've made :D. So, they are-


- Ronald Mcdonald house (I enjoyed this pasta very much, but I left it out because of its major gore).

- Pokemon- Strangeled red (Very good shock level, Steven is more of a character than just a video game sprite, but I only wanted to have one pokepasta on the list).

- Russian Sleep Experiment (It was an actually realistic story, with a great setup and atmosphere, but I just guess its not my real favorite one either).

- Gateway to the mind (It had a great plot, with a building story, but it just falls apart after he starts hearing all the voices and going insaine).


- The Real Chuck E. Cheese (I never knew this pasta existed before somebody commented about it, and oh my god, how is this even a story?).

- Cupcakes (There's WAY too much over- exagerrated gore, and too simplistic of a plot).

- Sally. exe (If there's anyway you could make Sonic. exe even worst, this is probably it).

- Happy appy 3 (Its BARELY even a happy appy story. I left it out because, well, too much Happ App).

Well, thats all for now guys :D. I'll see you on my next blgo!

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